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1 August 2016 - Germany boosts WFP assistance to refugees in Iran - especially school girls

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today welcomed an unprecedented contribution of €2 million (approximately US$2.3 million) from the Federal Republic of Germany to provide food assistance to Afghan and Iraqi refugees in the Islamic Republic of Iran and promote education for refugee girls.

“We are extremely grateful to the people and Government of Germany for this timely contribution. These funds will help us serve extremely vulnerable refugees, especially women and children,” said WFP Iran Country Director Negar Gerami. “We hope the international community increases its support to refugees in Iran since many of them rely entirely on WFP assistance for their daily food needs.”

WFP provides 30,000 of the most vulnerable refugees with a monthly ration of basic food items including bread, rice, sugar, lentils and vegetable oil. In addition, WFP provides a take-home ration of vegetable oil to 3,000 refugee schoolgirls and their female teachers in 19 settlements across Iran. The take-home ration is a strong incentive for parents to send their daughters to school, which helps promote girls’ education and bridge the gender gap.

Germany’s contribution will be used to buy 2,156 metric tons of fortified wheat flour, 194 metric tons of vegetable oil enriched with vitamins, 186 metric tons of lentils and 321 metric tons of rice for distribution among Afghan and Iraqi refugees living in settlements across Iran. Most of this food will be purchased locally to ensure speedy delivery and conformity with Iranian standards.

This year, Germany has doubled its contribution to WFP in Iran, making it one of WFP’s top donors in the country.

“During the past twelve months the issue of refugees has sadly become an even greater concern for the international community than before. The German Government greatly deplores the plight of millions of refugees fleeing war and conflict,” said Germany’s Ambassador in Tehran Michael Von Ungern-Sternberg. “Iran has accepted many refugees coming from neighbouring countries, in particular from Afghanistan. For this, the Government of Iran deserves international recognition. Germany wants to support this policy through, among other means, contributing to WFP’s vital assistance programmes for refugees in Iran."

The Islamic Republic of Iran hosts the world’s fourth largest refugee population, following Turkey, Pakistan and Lebanon, with nearly 980,000 registered Afghan and Iraqi refugees in the country.

WFP has been providing assistance to these refugees since the arrival of the first asylum seekers from Afghanistan and Iraq in the late 1980s.

WFP is the world's largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide, delivering food assistance in emergencies and working with communities to improve nutrition and build resilience. Each year, WFP assists some 80 million people in around 80 countries.

For more information on the WFP’s work in Iran, visit our dedicated country page:


For more information please contact (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):

Dara Darbandi, WFP/Tehran, (+98 21 ) 22863527, Mob. (+98 912 ) 3084147



خرداد 95 – بسته ای از جنس مهربانی

بسته های آموزشی میان 6000 دانش آموز دبستانی دختر و پسر پناهنده ساکن 19 مهمانشهر واقع در 13 استان کشور توزیع شد
وجود درگیری و ناامنی های پیاپی در کشور افغانستان باعث ورود بسیاری از خانواده های افغان به ایران شد. بیشتر اوقات بسیاری از دختران بخاطر موانع فرهنگی و سنتی شان فرصت رفتن به مدرسه و تحصیل را از دست می دادند.
برنامه جهانی غذا با آغاز فعالیت خود در ایران از اواخر دهه 80 میلادی در زمینه امداد غذایی به این افراد به حمایت از تحصیل دختران پناهنده  پرداخته است. این حمایت از طریق اختصاص مشوق های تحصیلی باعث ترغیب پدران و مادران هزاران دختر پناهنده برای فرستادن فرزندانشان به مدرسه شده است. این پروژه تاثیر به سزایی در تغییر نگرش سنتی خانواده های افغان نسبت به تحصیل دخترانشان داشته است.



20160531 WFP26681: دختران پناهنده تحت پوشش غذایی برنامه جهانی غذا در ایران با بسته های آموزشی اهدا شده توسط بنیاد خیریه رشد رویا هایشان را به تصویر کشیدند

امسال با حمایت بنیاد خیریه رشد بیش از 6000 دانش آموز دبستانی پناهنده ساکن مهمانشهرهای تحت پوشش غذایی برنامه جهانی غذا، بسته های آموزشی شامل دفترچه، مداد، خودکار، پاکن و تراش دریافت کردند.
بنیاد خیریه رشد در سال 2005 میلادی تاسیس شد و از ابتدای فعالیت خود تا کنون موفق به ساخت 24 مدرسه در دور افتاده ترین روستاها ی ایران شده است. در حال حاضر این خیریه 8 پروژه در دست اجرا دارد.
بنیاد خیره رشد می کوشد تا فرصت تحصیلی برابری میان تمام کودکان ایجاد نماید و همچنین با همکاری برنامه جهانی غذا در ایران به حمایت تحصیلی از کودکان پناهنده بپردازد.




30 May 2016 - A Package of kindness

Education packages distributed to 6,000 refugee boys and girls at primary level in 19 settlements in 13 provinces throughout the country 

Many years of conflict and insecurity in Afghanistan has resulted in mass movements of entire families from Afghanistan to Iran. Most often girls did not get a chance to go to school and benefit from an education due to cultural barriers and traditions.

WFP has been advocating for refugee girls’ education ever since it started its assistance program in Iran in the late ‘80s and through an education incentive has encouraged parents of several thousand girls to send their girls to school and have them educated- a project that has been extremely successful in changing the attitude of traditionally minded Afghan families towards girls’ education.


20160531 WFP2Refugee schoolgirls benefited from WFP Iran’s food assistance depicted their dreams with the distributed educational packages donated by Roshd Charity Foundation

This year and with the support of Roshd Charity Foundation, more than 6,000 primary school refugee students under WFP assistance received educational packages consisting of notebooks, pens, pencils, eraser and pencil sharpener in the settlements.

Roshd Charity was founded in 2005 and has since its establishment built 24 primary schools in remote villages in Iran. The charity currently has 8 new projects under construction.

Roshd Charity strives towards provision of equal education opportunity of to all children and has joined forces with WFP Iran to support refugee children’s education as well.



Ms. Negar Gerami - WFP


Ms. Negar Gerami

WFP Representative


Nationality: Iran

Academic background:

Magistra Artium (MA) in Anglistics, Germanistics, and Paedagogik from University of Cologne, Germany.


Work Experience:

December 2009-present: Representative, WFP Iran.

2006 – 2009: Deputy Representative, WFP Iran.

2000 – 2006: Head of Programme and Logistics Units, WFP Iran.

1999 – 2000: Project Manager at Help Age International Tehran.

1997 – 1999: Information Officer at International Consortium for Refugees in Iran (ICRI).

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